Howard Knox



"You are the recipient of this personal "AD" which is redeemable for a special letter.  Please do not hesitate to call upon me 24 - 7.  This offer does not expire until I do."



Howard Knox


Otisville Correctional Facility

Box 8

Otisville, NY  10963


Nickname: Rudy, Randolph, Howard


Age: 42

DOB: 06/17/1968

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 240 lbs

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Black

Race: Black

Religion: N/A

Family Contact: Yes

Job / Profession: Music Industry

Cell Mate: No

Custody Date: 03/30/1995

Offences: 1st Degree Manslaughter

1st Degree Criminal Use of a Firearm

Sentence: 11 - 25 Years

Earliest Release Date: 11/26/2011
Parole Hearing Date: 11/2011
Parole Hearing Type: REAPPEARANCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 03/26/2006
Conditional Release Date: 11/26/2011
Maximum Expiration Date: 03/26/2020


Page Listed: 09/20/2010


Seeking: Female

Sexual Preference: Straight

Sexual Orientation: Straight




Dreams and/or Wishes:

A bit about yourself you'd like the pen pals to know: Greetings from the end of the world.  My name is Rudy Knox.  I'm 6'2", 240lbs and extremely fit and healthy (the result of exercising 5 days a week).  I am by nature a gentleman who finds pleasure in the simplicity of life:  Ice cold water, edible food, exercise, humour, an expressive book, conversation with substance and confident women.  What more can a man want?  Better yet, what more does a man need?  It's been my experience that confident women who is sincere, spontaneous, fun, and affectionate match well with my outgoing and witty personality.  If you're that kind of woman you must not hesitate contacting me because I would love to exchange thoughts with you.  Alone we can do so little; Together we could do so much!  I'm waiting to hear from you, so DON'T BE SHY!!!




Your status, number & name

are matters that excite my brain.

So pardon if I'm being impolite, vain or inconsiderate

But is the man you with really keeping things clean?

Does he get intricate, when you get intimate?


This pen-pal thing?

I'm ready to commit to it.

My wish?

We'll cuddle infantile style

While I caress every crevice

Of your mental flesh.

Sweetheart, it's evidential

I'm that essential half

That'll make you whole.

Do the math,

I'm searching for the path to your soul!


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