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Barry Berman

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ART, POETRY, and Story Sections are being completely revamped.

If you are an artist or poet.  Feature it here.  Poetry will only be linked to writer's webpage until they are removed.  Poetry and Artwork will remain posted as property of RBTW.  Not the actual art, just the pictures for future posting.

  We are in strong need of postage stamps. 

  Volunteers are needed to sort through the expired web pages where inmates had been released and to check their current locations if still incarcerated.

All email messages to inmates will be sent on 25th of each month.  Old or new that has been retrieved from our old faulty servers.

Remember to always refresh this page for new updates.

We currently are in need of volunteers to assist with the everyday function of RBTW.  From helping us to update our current members to sending out questionnaires and everything in between.  If you are on your computer a lot and have a lot of time, drop us a note of what you would like to do and we will gladly contact you.  Either you can call the office at the number listed below or email at:



If you have any inquiries, DO NOT HESITATE to call our office at the phone number below listed at the bottom.


March 2015 



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REMOVAL REQUEST:  00            


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